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    Kinetic Dust Extractor 3-15/16"

    Easy to use!

    Install and remove as a clamping nut

    -Health and Safety

    -Tool Performance and Cut Quality

    -Tool Life and Labor Cost

    -Recommended for Nesting and Routing Operations

    -No Wasted Time During the Work Process

    -Replaces the Standard Clamping Nut

    -Suitable for any Collet Chucks with Standard Router Bits

    -Available for ER32; ER40; EOC25 (DIN6388) Collets

    -The Thick Ceramic Coat gives KDE an Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Friction and Anti-Static Surface

    -Tool Body in Light Alloy

    -Better Air Quality

    -Good Performances even at Low RPM: from 6,000 to 20,000 RPM

    -Material: Chipboard, Coated Chipboard, MDF, Corian, plasterboard, OSB, HPL.