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T-8 Sharpening System
T-8 Sharpening System Price: $719.00
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The Tormek T-8 sharpening machine maximises the precision with its revolutionary fully vast housing. This new design, together with a number of elaborated details, gives you the best conditions possible for a successful sharpening with top results.Includes: PA-70 Honing CompoundTT-50 Truing ToolSP-650 Stone GraderHB-10 Tormek HandbookWm-200 Angle MasterSE-77 Square Edge Jig

T-4 Sharpening System
T-4 Sharpening System Price: $409.00
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Item #: T-4 -

With the Tormek T-4 you get a high quality machine ideal for home and hobby work. You get access to the extensive Tormek jig systems and can sharpen practically all common edge tools.Includes:PA-70 Honing CompoundSP-650 Stone GraderHB-10 Tormek HandbookWM-200 Angle Master